iPhone 3.1 Bug: No auto reconnect to hidden SSID wireless networks

14 10 2009

Sad iPhone

Problem: I’ve got an iPhone 3G running 3.1.2(7D11) and I use a WLAN network at our office which does not broadcast it’s SSID for obscurity security reasons. Since some version, I guess 3.1, when I get within range of the SSID hidden network it no longer auto connects. Frustrating.

Solution: Apple to fix it in the next version I guess.

“Work around”: Not really a workaround, but a sightly less frustrating way of reconnecting… when in range of the network… recreate the network by entering the SSID and leave out any of the security stuff then click Join. The join will fail (for obvious reasons), but will then “remind” the phone that that network exists and will then connect using the previously configured settings.




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22 10 2009

I feel you on this one… I’m having the same issues. It’s a serious pain in the ass.

13 11 2009

This is not good, I have the same issue on a new 3Gs, this together with no wireless data over bluetooth, when i have a 4 year old phone that oes this well! Why do apple keep holding back on technology; is it to make more money on the next version? Of course it is! It stops the iphone from being a 10 out of 10, which it could have been, I’d give it 7 out of 10, and with a cradle now that costs around £100, how greedy are they!! Listen apple, stop meessing about! Make a product that has the more than the wow factor , something that does everything well. I’m may well sell mine and get a Nokia N900!

30 11 2009

mine will reconnect to my hidden SSID at home but not at work 😦

13 02 2010

Dude. Did you check this out?


I had the same problem but this procedure fixed it.


15 02 2010

I have a 3GS on 3.1.2, and have the same problem with my DLink DIR615 router

1 03 2010
Kevin Bourgeois

Thanks! Not really a fix but still helpful. Have to type in the network name. But at least I know now that I don’t have to retype a 20 letter password every time.

9 06 2010
A’in some Qs « Praying to Darwin

[…] (image from here) […]

17 10 2010
Hidden SSID

I had the same problem.

To make the Iphone remember the hidden SSID:

Press power and home button for ~10 seconds without touching the power off slider.When you turn on again you will have to re-enter the network settings, however my iPhone then remembered my hidden SSID.

Iphone 3G
os 4.1

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