iPhone 3.1 Bug: No auto reconnect to hidden SSID wireless networks

14 10 2009

Sad iPhone

Problem: I’ve got an iPhone 3G running 3.1.2(7D11) and I use a WLAN network at our office which does not broadcast it’s SSID for obscurity security reasons. Since some version, I guess 3.1, when I get within range of the SSID hidden network it no longer auto connects. Frustrating.

Solution: Apple to fix it in the next version I guess.

“Work around”: Not really a workaround, but a sightly less frustrating way of reconnecting… when in range of the network… recreate the network by entering the SSID and leave out any of the security stuff then click Join. The join will fail (for obvious reasons), but will then “remind” the phone that that network exists and will then connect using the previously configured settings.


Linksys WRT54G Wireless Ethernet Bridge

6 09 2009

I found that our PS3’s streaming was pretty bad using it’s internal radio, so I setup a wireless bridge using two LinkSys WRT54G’s. One was a version 7 (non-hackable), and the other a version 4 (hackable). I loaded HyperWRT onto the V4 in order to activate the ‘wireless ethernet bridge’ mode.

After PS3 is wired directly into the V4 box, and establishing a wireless bridge between the routers… streaming has improved considerably. Here is view of things today:

Internet -wired-> *WRT54G v7* -wireless->*WRT54G v4* -wired-> PS3

I put the improvement down to the router’s having proper external antenna’s and prehaps more powerful radios. Here are the settings and firmware versions I used:

Main router
Firmware version: 7.00.6
Internet connection: Auto

DHCP server: Enabled

SSID: whateveryoulike
SSID broadcast: enable

Security: WPA Personal
WPA Alogrithm: AES
WPA Shared Key: whateveryoulike

Bridge router
Firmware version: 4.30.1, HyperWRT 2.1b1 +tofu13c
Internet connection: Disabled

LAN Gateway:
LAN Mask:
DHCP server: disabled

Wirless mode: Wireless Ethernet Bridge
SSID: same as main WLAN network
SSID broadcast: enable

Security: WPA Personal
WPA Alogrithm: AES
WPA Shared Key: same as main WLAN network